November 15, 2006

Talk from Florida

Mark Healey at Gotham Baseball, writes about the latest talk coming out of Florida:

Meantime, reports out of Florida say the Mets are engaged in active discussions with the Florida Marlins for the services of Dontrelle Willis, with Aaron Heilman and Lastings Milledge as the main pieces in any deal.

Well, after speaking with two MLB officials, we've been able to confirm a few phone calls between hotel suites, but not much else, except for one interesting note. Milledge is a player that Florida likes, but they love Fernando Martinez, and if the Mets include him in any deal, it'll get done.

I am reporting this for the simple reason that this detail tells me that no deal will get done, because Minaya has no intention of including Martinez in any deal for any player.
"Minaya has other guys in his system that he's willing to deal, but not that kid. No way".

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