December 06, 2006

The deal on Milledge for Harden

John Delcos at the Journal News, writes about the talk that has been going around with Rich Harden:

Rich Harden for Lastings Milledge straight up isn't going to happen.

You have to look at a potential deal from both perspectives, and with the Athletics losing Barry Zito, they aren't about to trade a good, young starter for a prospect outfielder with attitude problems.

Yes, the Mets are talking with Oakland, and yes, Harden's name has surfaced. So has Joe Blanton. However, if either comes to the Mets, they will have to give up a pitching in return, and I'm not talking about Aaron Heilman.

Milledge and Heilman would be for starters, but the Mets would have to include either Phil Humber or Mike Pelfrey.

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