December 01, 2006

Glavine will make a decision by the end of the week

Murray Chass at the NY, writes about Tom Glavine and the fact that he will give the Mets their answer by the end of the week before the start of the winter meetings. This is turning ino the day of Glavine with each post. Anyway here's some of the article:

Tom Glavine is on the verge of making his decision. "He's going to make a decision, I would think, by tomorrow," Gregg Clifton, Glavine's agent, said yesterday, meaning that today is the day that Glavine should decide if he wants to remain with the Mets for a fifth season or go home to Atlanta, where his 290-victory career began two decades ago.

Given that he compiled a 33-41 record in his first three years with the mediocre Mets while the Braves were still good enough to win division championships, Glavine made a mistake leaving the Braves. He would probably already have 300 victories had he stayed in Atlanta. But he should not compound that mistake with another.

According to Clifton, Glavine hasn't made up his mind. "It's absolutely untrue," (about Glavine deciding to go to Atlanta) Clifton said in a telephone interview, adding, The Mets have been incredibly supportive and understanding of his decision-making process.

Clifton said he had had two or three conversations with John Schuerholz, the Braves general manager. "Our talks have been cordial," Clifton said, adding that contrary to some reports, the Braves have not made Glavine an offer.

The longer Glavine takes making his decision the more likely, some people think, he will come down on the side of staying home. Others think the opposite, feeling that the longer he takes, the more he realizes how much he has enjoyed playing in New York and how well he has been treated by the Mets.

Glavine even appreciates how the Mets haven't pressured him into making a decision sooner than he wanted. The Mets have talked to Clifton, but they haven't talked with Glavine or made him an offer in an attempt to lure him with money.

At the same time, Glavine doesn't want to delay his decision indefinitely and make it difficult for the Mets to go forward with their off-season pitching plans. That's why his decision is imminent, if not today, by the end of the weekend, before the winter meetings start, as he promised.

It's a great article and you should read it all the way through if you get the chance.

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