December 11, 2006

How about Giles?

At Gotham Baseball, in the forum section, they put up a question about Marcus Giles and why not pick him up to play second:

I'm still not comfortable with Valentin as the full time 2nd basemen. I think at his age he's a great fit as utlity player because he obviously slowed at the end of the year. Also Wright slowed at the end of the year which I believe was playing too much and Woody didn't have a big enough bat to rest Wright more. Valentin as a utility player could fill in a third more often. As I said before Lugo would have been my pick but Boston paid way too much for him IMO. Of whose left Belliard's bat against lefties would be nice if he can stay in shape and not get injured.

Giles was trade bait and didn't get any bites so he may not be tendered making him a FA. How would he fit in at second, not that familar with his game.....

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