December 11, 2006

Mench skyrockets Zito's worth

So now Gil Mench, a guy with only 11 more wins than losses, gets 55 million over 5 years. I guess he will be getting 1 million for every career win. What were the Royals thinking?

Now this move throws a wrench in everybody's plans that were pursuing Barry Zito, including the Mets.

With Gil Mench getting roughly 16 million a year, it more than proves to Boras that Zito is worth the money that he is asking for. Now he will probably be asking for more.

Well Mets, this is your opportunity to throw some of that new money around for the first time. With the no taxes on the stadium, naming income of 20 million a year and SNY, this should be a no brainer for a guy who has 39 more wins than losses and someone who has never been on the disabled list.

Why not?

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