December 14, 2006

Are Omar and Willie for real?

John Delcos at Lo Hud, writes about Willie Randolph, Omar Minaya and their non-intensity towards obtaining Barry Zito:

Both Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph said today they like their pitching as is, that Barry Zito would be a nice addition? Do you believe them? If the season were to begin tomorrow, this is your rotation:

1. Tom Glavine: 40 plus, throws soft.
2. Orlando Hernandez: 40 plus, junkballer.
3. John Maine: little more than half a season experience.
4. Oliver Perez: a few good moments; a few bad ones last year.

5. Mike Pelfrey: unproven rookie.
5. Dave Williams: journeyman.
5. Alay Soler: unproven; one great game last year.

How do you like it? Does it inspire confidence?

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