December 08, 2006

Mets interested in Wells

At Rotoworld, they write about the Mets interest in acquiring Vernon Wells from the Blue Jays. I'm a little late on this one, so I apologize. I don't see this one happening at all but I figured you would like to read it anyway:

The Mets have a conversation with the Jays about Vernon Wells on Thursday.

The Mets don't have an established starter to surrender, but some combination of Lastings Milledge, Aaron Heilman, Mike Pelfrey and Philip Humber could be enough to pull off a deal. Realistically, though, the Mets are probably going to need to keep those guys around in case they have to add more starting pitching. Mortgaging a large part of the future for an outfielder they'd only have under control for one year -- and they wouldn't even be able to play him in center. Seems ill-advised.

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