December 12, 2006

Mets thinking about Zambrano

John Delcos at Lo Hud, writes about the Mets and them them thinking about bring Zambrano back:

I know, I know ... you're not going to be pleased with this, but the Mets are seriously considering tendering him a contract for 2007. They have until midnight to do so.

Zambrano never has endeared himself to Mets fans because he came at the cost of Kazmir.

Zambrano blew out his elbow in a May 6 game against the Braves. Three times during a trip to the mound Willie Randolph asked him if he was hurting and three times Zambrano said no. Two pitches later he ran off the mound. He underwent Tommy John surgery in a week later and has been rehabbing in Venezuela since.

The Mets' offer has to be at least $2.4 million, which is 80 percent of the three million he made last year.

The Mets are doing this not because they think Zambrano is the answer if they don't get Barry Zito, but at $2.4 million he's worth the gamble.

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