December 01, 2006

Mets will probably offer Glavine arbitration

Peter Abraham at the Journal News, writes about the Mets offering abitration to Tom Glavine:

The team is expected to offer Glavine salary arbitration by tonight's deadline, meaning it would cost the Braves a second-round draft pick if they signed the 40-year-old left-hander.

If Glavine isn't going to honor his side of the agreement made between him ahd the Wilpon's by deciding where he wants to play by the Winer Meetings, then I see no wrong doing on the Mets part for breaking their part of the deal by not offering arbitration to Glavine.

Glavine has to make a choice soon, because the fans, and I'd think that the Mets organization are getting a little mad at the fact that that he hasn't even let on as to where he might end up next season.

I mean, if the Braves really wanted him back then they would have found room for him by now. They haven't even offered him any kind of deal yet.

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