December 18, 2006

More from the Pegasus Star

If you didn't see my previous post from Blair Lovern at Pegasus News, then I suggest you use the link to it or scroll down to it. Anyway, she's back after many Mets fans fired rants back at her tearing down her story. Here's some exerpts from it. And by the way, leave a comment for her if you get the chance:

I made a principle point multiple times about winning championships. That is the reason to play sports professionally, as I see it. I don't think I am in much disagreement here with you Mets people with that point. How do I know this? Because you Mets people swooped in here to defend your team. HOW DARE YOU CALL MY TEAM A LOSER, YOU LOSER!

But, hey, guess what? You've got Sly Stalone in there with you, or Mickey, if you're into the classics. Willie Randolph is no idiot. He knows what he's doing. You just keep slugging that freezer meat with your bare hands and one day you might be on top of the world, and we'll all throw you a big fat party and know that the rest of the universe can go to hell because the Mets are better than everyone everywhere on all planets and star systems, not just ours, which technically means nothing unless you are an actual Met - and even then, in the grand scheme of life, IT'S A @#$%! BASEBALL GAME!

Pssst. Guess what else? I don't think the Rangers are at The Latin Snake level yet, either. Oh, but one day Texas will rise. And that team will STRIKE like a black mamba, and you Mets people will have to take an antidote shot from a nurse who looks kinda like Ron Washington, but you're too woozy to be sure. But don't fret. The nurse will have mercy on you, as she sits next to your bed, gently holding your hand as you watch the Texas victory parade on TV that we will start planning in Dallas next Thursday (inside joke.)

So, to summarize AGAIN: when your team wins the World Series then you will be a winner.

Right now, your team is not a winner, Mets people.

Ouch, the sting!

You are a loser when it comes to World Series trophies during the past generation. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less. If this is an impossible point to comprehend, I cannot make it any simpler. You may lead meaningful lives, outside of being a Mets fan. Maybe you're a teacher or doctor or artist or social worker. Maybe you touch the lives of others by doing God's work in ways that may never be fully appreciated. You should be proud of yourselves. You're a good father, a good mother, a good brother, a good sister, a good jigsaw puzzle assembler (I'm talking like a really kick-ass puzzle), a hard worker. You make this country stronger every day. I am not being silly here, I speak the truth: Thanks for doing what you do.

But until that gay looking Mr. Met mascot rides on a float down Broadway with the rest of the team and The Rockettes, and there's so much confetti in the air that it's like being in static - your team will be, ah, a loser.

I leave you with this: if I could only have one wish, it would be that you Mets people get Barry Zito for nine years and $253 million. Ridiculous, huh?


Thank you for participating in the previous discussion. I've thrown you more than enough raw flesh. So why don't you rabid beasts come and get it.