December 15, 2006

Some fighting words from Texas

Blair Lovern at the Pegasus News, writes about the Mets comments to Zito:

Yeah, that's awesome. How many World Series trophies have the Mets had in the past 20 years? One. Congrats. That was 20 freakin' years ago. I've owned at least five cars since then. Maybe six, I don't know.

But they made it to the WS in 2000, doesn't that count?

No, they lost. A loser is not a winner.

How many postseason appearances have the Mets had in the past 10 years? Three. How many have the Rangers had? Three.

But the Mets won the division last year, doesn't th-

HUSHTHATFUSS! No. They lost in the first round of the playoffs. A loser is not a winner.

But the Rangers haven't been in the playoffs since 1999.

Exactly. I'm not calling them winners either. I'm just saying that these people and/or teams clamoring for Barry Zito, claiming they are the best thing in sports since the invention of the jock strap need a reality check. And so do the people who think they need to reward an above average pitcher on the same level as a dominant ace.

First off, Blair, get your facts right. The Mets lost in the seventh game of the NLCS, not the NLDS.

I'm not going to wast anymore time on this. It's just absurd. Not that the Mets are better than the Rangers. But that it's arguing for the sake of a player's affection.

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