December 18, 2006

Why the Mets didn't go after Vidro

Marty Noble at, writes about why Omar didn't go after Jose Vidro when the Nationals were dangling him to any takers:

Minaya had Vidro when both were with the Expos. That he didn't pursue a trade with the Nationals, who are close to moving Vidro to the Mariners, wasn't out of ignorance. Moreover, Valentin was a more productive player than Vidro in 2006.

Valentin in '06: 62 RBIs, 56 runs, 18 home runs, .271 batting average, .330 on-base percentage; and .490 slugging percentage in 432 plate appearances.

Vidro in '06: 47 RBIs, 52 runs, seven home runs, .289 batting average, .348 on-base percentage and .395 slugging percentage in 511 plate appearances.

Granted, Valentin was part of a more productive batting order and Vidro was injured late in the season, but 15 more RBIs in 79 fewer plate appearances says something. And Valentin did most of his hitting batting seventh or eighth. Vidro batted higher in a lesser order.

Valentin also played second base exceptionally well.

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