December 11, 2006

With Zito the Mets could be unstopable

All signs and all the stars in the sky appear to say that Barry Zito will eventually sign with the Mets. So with him coming to New York this week, I suspect that a deal will be made.

On SNY's Mets Hot stove, Willie Randolph had the following to say," And hopefully we'll land that big fish we're after this week. But I'm not going to tell you who."

One would have to assume he is talking about Zito.

So saying we've got Zito locked up, the rotation will pan out before Pedro Martinez's triumphant return:

1. Barry Zito
2. Tom Glavine
3. Orlando Hernandez
4. John Maine
5. Oliver Perez / Mike Pelfrey / Phillip Humber / Alay Solar / Dave Williams

After Pedro comes back and assuming he's 100%:

1. Pedro Martinez
2. Barry Zito
3. Tom Glavine
4. Orlando Hernandez
5. John Maine

Now that's a rotation to compliment the massive offense that the Mets have.

The team that faces Pedro, Zito and Glavine in the Division Series is going to just shake their heads in disbelief on how they could ever possibly win.

Just the way I like it.

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