December 14, 2006

Wright ready to make a play for Zito

Adam Rubin at the NY Daily News, writs about David Wright and is ambitions to bring Zito to the Mets:

"I'd be more than open to showing Barry around and trying to sell him on New York," Wright said yesterday, as he played Santa for elementary-school children at Shea. "What is there not to like about this atmosphere? If you flip on a TV during the playoffs, that sells itself. It's just an unbelievable experience. I couldn't imagine someone that didn't want to come and be a part of what we have going on in this city."

Zito this week had said it is still early in his free-agent process. He told the San Francisco Chronicle about the NL: "I do have a pretty sweet swing that I haven't been able to feature consistently in the American League, so it would be nice to get more ABs to show up (Tim) Hudson and (Mark) Mulder."

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