January 19, 2007

Alou and Green can make or break offense

Patrick Hickey Jr. at NY Sports Day, writes about Moises Alou, Shawn Green and how it is up to the impact of the Mets offense is up to how they preform next season:

Hitting a meager .257 in 34 games with the Mets last season after being traded to the team in August, it’s doubtful that Green will ever be the 30-30 player he was back in his days with the Toronto Blue Jays, but nevertheless should be able to take advantage of the spacious outfield at Shea and be able to hit about 15 homers and add 80 runs batted in. In any case, considering how miserably the Diamondbacks have been the past few seasons, Green is happy to be playing for a contender and is ready to get his career back on the right track after a disappointing season last year.

"I was impressed with the lineup and the intangible elements of the team," Green told MLB.com after he was traded to the team. "The chance to play for a playoff team and have the possibility to play in the World Series definitely influenced my decision. I feel like I can be a piece of the puzzle that can help take the team there."

While it’s a no-brainer that Green will be counted on to produce and will be extremely important to any success the team will have this season, Alou will be counted on more to give the Mets lineup the added firepower they missed when Cliff Floyd was injured most of last season.

The only problem is can he stay healthy?

If healthy, not only with Alou help the team hit against left-handed pitching, he’ll force opposing pitchers to be extremely careful when pitching to Beltran and Delgado, considering the fact that Alou is no slouch with runners in scoring position either, hitting over .300 last season with 49 RBI’s with RISP. Overall, if healthy, Alou can provide a huge boost to an already dangerous Mets offense.

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