January 09, 2007

Is Alou going to work?

Russlan Abouhassan at Mets Geek, writes about Moises Alou and how they feel he will do in Shea:

Moises Alou will be the Mets’ starting leftfielder in 2007 when he’s healthy enough to play. Alou has his flaws. He’s injury-prone, having played in less than 125 games the last two seasons and he is not the fielder he once was. He will also turn 41 before the All-Star break. Despite these flaws, I really like this move because Alou is still a great hitter as he has hit .304/.371/.548 the last three seasons. He will also help the Mets against left-handed pitching, something they struggled with in 2006, as he has hit .337/.403/.615 against southpaws from 2004-2006. As long as he is healthy enough to play, I’m confident Alou will swing a potent bat.

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