January 19, 2007

Mets rank 2nd in NL pen

At Yahoo Sports, they rank the NL bullpens and put the Mets in second, behind the Pirates. The whole reason the Pirates are in first is Mike Gonzalez. So with the Pirates and braves trade, it should automatically bump the Mets into first:

1. Pirates

LHP Mike Gonzalez, RHP Salomon Torres, LHP John Grabow, RHP Matt Capps, LHP Damaso Marte

Gonzalez excelled in his first season as closer and only will get better. Torres is an underrated workhorse who proved he can close games.

2. Mets

LHP Billy Wagner, RHP Aaron Heilman, RHP Duaner Sanchez, LHP Scott Schoeneweis, RHP Ambiorix Burgos

Wagner and Heilman are formidable, but Sanchez (shoulder) is a question mark and RHP Guillermo Mota has been suspended for the first 50 games. Burgos can be a key figure if he gains control.

Besides, if you are thinking the trade would have put the Braves in first, then think of the fact that they're ranked 8th and there is no way they would go to first just with Gonzalez.

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