January 02, 2007

Pelfrey could be the '07 Rookie of the Year

Tom Jones at St. Petersburg Times, writes about Mike Pelfrey and how he could have an impact on next season:

He's 6 feet 7. He throws a fastball that brushes up near 100 mph. And he could be the 2007 National League rookie of year with the New York Mets. The sad thing is he should be throwing for the Devil Rays. The Rays drafted Pelfrey out of his Wichita, Kan., high school in the 15th round of the 2002 draft, but Pelfrey opted to attend Wichita State. After three years (and a 33-7 record) in college, Pelfrey was the ninth overall pick in 2005. In just one season of pro ball, Pelfrey made the jump from single A to double A, making his Mets debut July. He ended up back in triple A, but look for him to be a fixture in the Mets rotation this season - and for years to come.

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