January 31, 2007

Poll results from Lo Hud

John Delcos at Lo Hud, writes about the results of the most important Met of 2007:

Thanks for your responses on the poll question of what Met has to come up big for the team to reach the postseason. Note that some people mentioned more than one:

Oliver Perez 9
Jose Reyes 7
John Maine 5
Carlos Beltran 4
Orlando Hernandez 2
Tom Glavine 2
David Wright 2
Moises Alou 1
Duaner Sanchez 1
Anderson Hernandez 1
Endy Chavez 1
Lastings Milledge 1
Shawn Green 1
Rick Peterson 1
Omar Minaya 1

Thanks for your participation. My choices are Oliver Perez and John Maine because I see questions in the rotation.

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