January 19, 2007

Q's & A's with David Wright

Michael Schmidt at the NY Times, has a sit down with David Wright:

WHAT DO YOU DO LIKE TO DO WHEN NOT PLAYING BASEBALL? I am just a normal 24-year-old. I love playing video games. I have a PlayStation 3. I love Madden, college football and Fight Night. A lot of times, that is what I do to wind down after games: I'll just go home and play video games for an hour and try to relax.

READING ANYTHING? I graduated high school in 2001, and it's been six years. I was pretty intelligent in high school and I feel like I may be losing it, so I have tried picking up a crossword puzzle or a sudoku. But as far as reading goes, I just read magazines. I am a pretty impatient person.

FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL? I loved anatomy and physiology in high school.

WHAT HAVE YOU WORKED ON IMPROVING? I have been in the weight room a lot, but I am the same size I was. I have stressed speed and agility and getting a quicker first step. Over the last three years, my body has naturally worn down a little over a 162-game season and you try to limit that and recover quicker.

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