January 29, 2007

Wright on Rollins

Matthew Cerrone at Mets Blog, writes about the interview David Wright had on the FAN and what he had to say to Jimmy Rollins:

Earlier this off-season, according to MLB.com, Jimmy Rollins had the following to say regarding his team’s chances this coming season…

" think we are the team to beat in the NL East...finally, but, that’s only on paper."

"For the first time since I've been here, I can say I know we have the pitching to get us there.

Our offense has been productive the last couple years, but it’s tough when it’s 6-0 in the third inning."

Earlier today, David Wright appeared in-studio as a guest on WFAN.

Wright, on Rollins, while talking with WFAN...

"I read in the paper that Jimmy Rollins thinks nobody else has a chance...When you read that, it irks you a bit and makes you wanna go out there and beat them that much more."

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