February 20, 2007

Alou's Retirement, Delgado's Arm And Green May Get His Groove Back

John Delcos at Lo Hud, writes about the players reporting for Spring Training:

Julio Franco, then Moises Alou, then Carlos Delgado. Sandy Alomar Jr. will be in later.
Alou said he would have retired had he not had a hot September when he hit .330 with eight homers and 22 RBI. From the brink of retirement to what could a two-year deal. Good deal for him.

Delgado said he wants to strengthen his wrist and elbow, both of which he had surgery on, but said he’s not limited in anything he can do. Delgado’s wife is expecting April 1, and he will be there.

Green spent a lot of time watching video over the winter and believes he discovered a hitch in his swing that contributed to his loss of power. He’s not projecting 40, but if he can give the Mets 25, that would be sufficient at the bottom of the order.

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