February 20, 2007

Lo Duca on 6 Pitchers

Matthew Cerrone at Mets Blog, writes about Paul Lo Duca and his opinion on 6 of the Mets pitchers in Spring Training:

Talking with SNY's Kevin Burkhardt from Tradition Field yesterday, Mets C Paul Lo Duca had the following to say regarding.....

Oliver Perez:

"He's an electric pitcher that plays off emotions, I think New York is t he best thing for him. He likes to dance a little on the mound, and do his thing, and a lot of players might think he is showing people up, but he's probably the nicest kid you'll ever meet.
"He's the kind of guy that you got to let him go. He's gonna be wild, but effectivly wild, you got to let him do his thing...you can't make him a Tom Glavine, a guyt that can move the ball around and do different things with. Oliver is a different kind of pitcher, with strikeout kind of stuff and you just gotta let him throw it."

John Maine:

"John Maine grew upa lot last year. He's awesome, he's an awesome kid. I think he's another guy, too, that's startingf to realize that he can be good, and really good and in this league for a long time – I don't think he realized that, and I think the doubts were in his mind. Last year in the playoffs made him realize he has that type of stuff to succeed."

Chan Ho Park:

"Chan Ho, obviously, is a guy who has unbelievable stuff. He had some injuries the past couple of years, I know he had the internal bleeding last year. He could be a huge bonus if he can come back healthy...he's the kind of guy who wants the ball, he can go deep in games."

Jason Vargas:

"Vargas, I love very much. I mean, he was great for us when I was in Florida. He went through that period last year, a little doubt in his mind. I talked to him a little bit since I've been here, and hopefully we can get back that swagger, because he has that swagger and I think he can succeed in this market."

Philip Humber and Mike Pelfrey:

"Well, both got tremendous upside. Humbe'’s got a tremedouns breaking ball. I caught Pelf a lot more, he's got electric stuff. It's just about him getting more innnigs and getting more confidence and he's gonna be a good pitcher in this game for a long time."

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