February 21, 2007

Delgado On Last Year's BA

Mark Hale at the NY Post, writes about Carlos Delgado and how he feels about his batting average last year:

"I struggled for three months, but the fact that we were winning helps. Somebody else was carrying the baton. So we were able to play together as a team," Delgado said. "I like to be able to do what I can do to fit in and to make this ballclub better.

"If I look back, I say I had a lot of opportunities to drive in guys and I didn't. If you look at over 100 RBIs, you say, 'Well, that's a great year.' But it's all about opportunities. I think I can be better at that. I think I can be more consistent with my batting average. You look at .265, it's not exactly overwhelming. But it doesn't matter. We won. I had the worst batting average of my career, but I had the most fun in my career. So it's all about, at this point, teamwork and trying to win.

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