February 22, 2007

Humber looks good

John Delcos of Lo Hud reported today that Philip Humber looked good pitching batting practice:

Phil Humber threw well in batting practice. `He was real sharp,’’ Willie Randolph said. Humber wouldn’t handicap his chances of making the roster as the fifth starter.

In the comments section John responds to a comment about who he feels is ahead for a rotation spot between Pelfrey and Humber:

I really don’t know who will be the better. I know I’m hedging. If I had to guess, and that’s all it would be from the limited time I’ve seen them, I’d go with Pelfrey because of Humber’s injury history. I think Pelfrey is ahead at this time because of that reason.
...... As I've stated before, all reports indicate Humber's repertoire is better then Pelfrey's. This is usually the case with pitcher's that return from TJ Surgery, they're forced to work on their off speed stuff and stay away from throwing hard. Pelfrey appears to be catching up with his slider and change up. The biggest concern is that Humber should be limited to 150 innings, while Pelfrey can venture toward 175-200 innings which may give Pelfrey the leg up he needs to start the year in the fifth spot.

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