February 23, 2007

My Thoughts on Philly

I've been to a few visiting stadiums. Coors Field, Fenway Park, to name a few.

But the fans at Philly's park, Citizens Bank, are relentless. They seem to be almost as annoying as the Yankee fans.

Coors Field was a nice experience. The fans saw us wearing our Mets attire but never had any negative things to say. They just kept their mouths shut and watched their game.

Fenway was nice as well. As we all now, these are probably some of the best fans in the world, any country, any sport. But they seriously were nice people, hoping that we do well the rest of the way, and one fan even said he wished the two teams were featured in the year's World Series.

Phillies fans, however, are ruthless savages. They had more to say about the negative aspects of our game than they had to say about their own team. It's bad when you get to the point where you are so bad that instead of talking about your team's strong points, you have to accentuate the negative ones on the opponent.

Keep in mind, I am a young kid, just a pup. I was heckled by 40-somethings with beers flowing and cheesesteaks up to their ears, just because I was wearing a Carlos Beltran jersey.

You know you have issues when you take shots at the top team in your division, saying that you are the best.

You know you have problems when you are so pathetic at age 40 to heckle a 14-year old.

You know you have problems if you are a Phillies fan.

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