February 12, 2007

Order Of Mets Draft Picks

Jim Callis atBaseball America gives the complete draft listing an where the Mets appear on the list:

The last two remaining compensation free agents still haven't signed. But there has been a reshuffling of the draft order, as Major League Baseball has announced a change in the sequence of supplemental first-round picks.

In the past, the supplemental first round mirrored the order of the other rounds, with no distinction made between the quality of free agents lost. Now all the compensation picks for Type A free agents (among the top 30 percent at their position) will come before those for Type B free agents (the best 31-50 percent). Choices for failure to sign a first-rounder from the previous draft will continue to come at the end of the first round.

Mets Draft order:

42. Mets (Roberto Hernandez, A, to Cle)
47. Mets (Chad Bradford, A, to Bal)
77. Mets (Hernandez to Cle)
99. Mets (Bradford to Bal)

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