February 23, 2007

Pedro Shows

David Lennon at On The Mets Beat, writes about Pedro martinez and his showing at Mets Spring Training:

After spending the past 10 days working out at the Mets minor-league facility, Pedro Martinez emerged from isolation this afternoon to officially greet the media for the first time. Martinez walked into the dugout wearing his home-white uniform, which he put on for a photo shoot, and broke into a big smile before settling onto the bench.

Martinez, who is rehabbing from rotator-cuff surgery, said that his "arm is doing great" and he "should be back by the predicted time," which the Mets have targeted for mid-July. The clubhouse definitely has been quieter without the fun-loving Martinez around, and he misses the daily interaction with his teammates.
"It is a little tougher because sometimes when I'm out there I open the door and I get to see them hit, execute plays and stuff like that," Martinez said. "Those are things that I miss. I miss stuff like that. Actually feeling part of what’s cooking here."
What Martinez believes is "cooking" is a championship-caliber team.
"I think this team is going to do a special thing if we stay healthy," Martinez said. "Health is going to be the key. If we stay healthy I think we could be able to do anything, including winning. I believe this team can win it and I hope I get back on time to push them, push them to the end."

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