February 01, 2007

Phillies shop Lieber and Mets may be interested

At Rotoworld, they write abut the Phillies willingness to trade Jon Lieber:

The Phillies might have been willing to trade Aaron Rowand for Scott Linebrink because they believe Jon Lieber would fetch an outfielder easier than he has a setup man.

The Padres turned down the Linebrink deal for now, though they haven't ruled it out completely. It's highly unlikely that they'd be interested in expanding the deal to include Lieber. Geoff Jenkins, Brad Wilkerson and Juan Encarnacion are some of the outfielders that might be available in return for Lieber. The Mets might also have some interest, but the Lastings Milledge shouldn't be on the table and Shawn Green isn't much of a commodity these days.

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