March 15, 2007

As The Rotation Rotates - Special Report

Folks, the battle for the 5th spot (or 4th spot, depending upon your opinion), has been narrowed down a bit more today, as the Mets optioned both Philip Humber and Jason Vargas (pictured at right) to New Orleans (AAA). Chan Ho Park, Aaron Sele and MIKE PELFREY (can you TELL who we favor) are still in the running for that spot, and as we said yesterday, it seems like it's Pelfrey's spot to lose! Our fingers are crossed, and we hope we'll have a chance to see him in action in St. Lucie next weekend. Forget what all those naysayers have said- we'll have one of the stronger pitching staffs in baseball, with a bullpen no one this side of the Angels can touch, and a starting staff that will end up being stronger (and better) (and younger) (and NO LIMA!!!) than last year's staff! You read it here first, folks!

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