March 21, 2007

Spring Training Plans

Slight change in plans for our upcoming Spring Training trip. Jonathan and I are going to be at this Sunday's game, versus the Astros (thanks, Mikey!), and Monday night's game, versus the Dodgers. If anyone would like to get together, have a beer and a dog and talk about our beloved Mets, please email this site and we'll set something up. We're hoping to still be able to see a Carlos Gomez or Fernando Martinez play one of the 2 days, and we'll bring back a ton of pics which we'll post as soon as possible.

Don't worry about their record this spring- they will turn it on when it really counts! Our bullpen is solid, the rotation is taking shape, the bench is close to being finalized, and the line-up remains one of the best in the game. It's a long season- nothing to worry about at this young juncture.

We'll be back this Friday with over 8 articles, including the final editions of our look back at the best and worst Mets at each position, our final predictions for the season, and a recap of what a long, wild road last season was, both for the Mets and personally as well.

And to John Young, the erstwhile host of this great site, our thoughts and prayers are with you, brother!!!!

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