March 26, 2007

Omar Sighting- Runs By Me After 4th Inning On Sunday

Folks, if you're a long-time reader of this site, or it's sister, Metstrades, you know about my brush with Omar during the 2005 Spring Training game, with Spike Lee in tow. At the game yesterday, I thought I might be able to spark "round 2", as Omar ran by us, escorted by security. All we could think was "he just made a trade!"

Alas, the excitement was dashed when we got home, learning (via TIVO) that during the 5th inning, Omar was on the CW Network, Channel 11 out of NY, interviewed by Keith Hernandez & Gary Cohen. He discussed, among other things, Shawn Green's place on the team (much like last years doubters of Jose Valentin, of which we were counted amongst, only to be proven wrong), Milledge's Options, and batting David Wright from the 2-hole. To read some highlights, head on over to Metsblog by clicking here.

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