March 26, 2007

It's Official - Pelfrey 5th Starter! & We Always Trust Omar- Even if the Washington Post Doesn't!

No, it's not a surprise, but it's still gratifying to see Mike Pelfrey officially named to be our 5th starter. The 6' 7" righty brings a much-needed, mid-90's heater to the starting rotation, but he also brings something else - he brings the future of the Mets' rotation into the present. In the off-season, all we heard about was how old the Mets rotation was going to be, and now, with Pelfrey, Maine and Perez joining Glavine and O-Hern, the average age of the rotation is 30.8 years (IF we believe that O-Hern is only 38 ~ LOL)! Far better than many other rotations, and we still have a bunch of bullets to pull if need be (Sele, Park, Humber). AND, with Pedro coming back in August, we've got a loaded gun even AFTER losing out on Zito and Dice-K in the off-season...

And, speaking of pitching rotations, it shows anti-Mets' bias that the World Series-winning Cardinals haven't been raked over the coals for letting 3/5's of their rotation depart via free agency (Weaver, Suppan & Marquis), replacing them with 2 relievers (Wainwright & ex-Met Braden Looper) who have never started in the majors, Reyes, a still-unproven 2nd year player, and ex-Pirate Kip Wells, who's never lived up to his potential, behind perennial Cy Young-candidate, Chris Carpenter. Walt Jocketty gets major accolades, and people are already becoming apologists for manager Tony LaRussa on the heals of his DUI arrest. Let's see some objective reporting here, folks!!!

To this point, last Wednesday, in the Washington Post, writer Dave Sheinin took Omar to task, in an article entitled "Is Minaya Overselling His Mets" (click here to read the article.) A rather unfair read, in light of what we just mentioned regarding the Cardinals. Of course, the Mets play in the same division as Sheinin's Nationals, one of the 4 worst teams in the game, and there could be just a "hint" of sour grapes escaping from Sheinin's computer...we said it before (and BEFORE ANY OTHER BLOG), and we'll say it again:


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