March 26, 2007

Zambrano Might Be 5th Starter - For Toronto

Apparently, the Toronto Blue Jays are torn between naming right-hander Josh Towers as their fifth starter, and giving a chance to right-hander (and former Met) Victor Zambrano. We WON'T go into the whole SK-trade here, except to say that we wish Zambrano well in his quest to return to the majors, as he never had any ill will towards the Mets, and, in fact, felt quite the opposite- that he never had the chance to prove what he could do when healthy. One by-product of being with the Jays- he might get the chance to beat the Yanks, and as a shirt we saw at Sunday's game said - "I have 2 favorite teams - The Mets, and Whoever's Beating The Yanks!"

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