March 01, 2007

Perez's Outing Causes Distress Among Fans

John Harper at the NY Daily News, writes about Oliver Perez and how his rough 2 innings caused distress for a fan:

Perez said it was an old problem, rushing his delivery and flying open with his front shoulder, making it difficult to get his ball down. It's a problem he has worked hard with Rick Peterson to correct, but he insisted he wasn't discouraged.

Most everyone connected with the Mets shrugged it off as insignificant, preferring to dwell on the life on his fastball and the fact that he threw 27 strikes among his 38 pitches over two innings.

For a pitcher notorious for control problems, that could be a good sign. But not if too many of his strikes are fat ones, as was the case yesterday.

With so many questions about starting pitching hovering over a team with high expectations, this wasn't the way to start answering them.

One fan made sure to let Minaya know about it. Chances are he won't be the last.

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