March 04, 2007

That Being Said

...from brogna blog...

What to do with David Wright should these Alex Rodriguez rumors be true? They both play third base, and are both studs at the position.

David Wright expressed his willingness to switch positions if it meant bringing in A-Rod.

But where would he play?

My thoughts would probably be at second base, making and Edgardo Alfonzo-esque shift and replacing the below-average Jose Valentin, should he even be playing here next year.

Perhaps playing the outfield? Would left field be too far out of the realm of possibility? Think, he has a good arm and good range. Moises Alou's contract is up at the end of the year, making Wright a perfect fit. However, that would clog the way for either a Carlos Gomez or a Fernando Martinez in the future.

I think it would be easier for A-Rod to move, since he has done it already. He would be perfect as a second baseman since he has already played as a middle infielder at short. And right now, besides Ruben Gotay, the Mets really don't have anyone in the wings with any potential to play second base.

But perhaps we're jumping the gun. We're only a few days into Spring Training and this won't even happen unless it's at the end of the season.

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