March 04, 2007

My Thoughts on A-Rod Possibly Coming to Queens

...from brogna blog...

I wanted A-Rod when he was first available in 2000, after he had been with the Seattle Mariners. But let's be real; his demands were way too high and Steve Phillips was not going to pay the 252 million dollar contract that Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks did. It was a pipe dream.

But now with all of the speculation as far as the Mets possibly getting Alex Rodriguez after all of this contract talk would be great. A potent lineup would only be improved by the presence of someone like this.

Perhaps David Wright says it best.

"What other player hits 30-something home runs, drives in 100, hits .280 and calls that an off year?"

I know that Yankees fans criticize the guy because of his lack of the clutch hit, but he can rake, and is a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Not to mention he has Gold Gloves, although maybe not displayed in pinstripes. Also, Rodriguez is a perennial 20-25 steal guy. He's the ultimate 5-tool player, who will probably contend Hank Aaron (and hopefully not Barry Bonds) for the all-time lead in career home runs.

I would love to have A-Rod.

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