April 05, 2007

Community Project For Pelfrey

John Sickles at Minor League Ball, writes about Mike Pelfrey and asks the readers to come up with expectations for him this year when he takes over the 5th starter role:

PECOTA is not particularly enamored with Pelfrey. . .comps include some fine pitchers like Jim Clancy, Dan Petry, Freddy Garcia, and Bruce Kison, but also some disappointments like Colby Lewis and Josh Karp. But PECOTA is just one system. Experts like Deric McKamey of Baseball HQ and the various Baseball America folks are more impressed, and my own opinion about Pelfrey is quite positive, although there may be some pro-Midwest bias there in my case.

I would like to do a Community Projection for Pelfrey, see what you guys expect from him. Project:

Games started
Earned Runs
Hits allowed
Homers allowed
Complete games

So if you get the chance, shoot on over to Minor League Ball and post your predictions.

Thanks to Mets Blog for the link.

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