April 08, 2007

Franco's 30th Home Opener

Guy Curtright at Mets.com, writes about Julio Franco and how tomorrow will be his 30th home opener:

He spent time in Japan, Korea and Mexico, but Monday's game against the Phillies at Shea Stadium will be Julio Franco's 30th home opener in professional baseball. The ageless one insists it won't be his last.

"God has taken me this far," said Franco, who turns 49 in August. "Why would he stop me now?"

Franco, rescued by the Braves from the Mexican League late in the 2001 season, is the oldest non-pitcher ever to play full time in the Major Leagues. The pinch-hitter and backup first baseman wants to keep going until he's at least 50 and then become a manager.

Tom Glavine, Franco's teammate with the Braves and Mets, can see him accomplishing both of his goals.

"I won't bet against him," Glavine said.

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