April 06, 2007

Glavine and Smoltz Face Off In Atlanta

Mark Bowman at Mets.com, writes about Tom Glavine, John Smoltz and their face off in Atlanta this year:

"As we wind down our careers, this will certainly be a thing to remember," said Smoltz, who joined a Braves pitching staff that included Glavine in 1988 and has remained a member ever since.

After making his Opening Day start against the Phillies on Monday afternoon, Smoltz placed a call to Glavine. His primary intention was to have his close friend leave some tickets for him in St.Louis. But before hanging up, he made sure to ask, "You are pitching on Saturday, right?"

"This time might be different," Glavine said while acknowledging the historic and nostalgic presence this matchup brings. "It might be the last time."

There's certainly a chance that this will be the last time Braves fans get to see Glavine in Atlanta before he notches his 300th career win. He is nine wins away from completing this milestone march that began with the 242 wins he garnered in Atlanta from 1987-2002.

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