April 06, 2007

Mets Truly World Leaders!

According to Major League Baseball, there were a record 246 players (29% of baseball) born in foreign countries and U.S. territories on opening-day rosters for 2007, with the NEW YORK METS leading ALL TEAMS with 15, and the (hated) Yankees coming in second with 13. The 29% total includes 98 players from the Dominican Republic, 51 from Venezuela and 28 from Puerto Rico. Also included in the 246 players are 19 Canadians and 9 Japanese players, with others hailing from Aruba, Australia, Colombia, Cuba, Curacao, South Korea, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Taiwan. The previous high was 242 players in 2005, according to MLB's press release. Also according to MLB, 46.2% of all minor leaguers hail from foreign countries and U.S. territories, showing that baseball has truly become a game of the world!!!

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