April 19, 2007

Hitting Streak No Big Deal

Mark Hale at the New York Post, writes about David Wright and that he sees hisClub Record hitting streak as no big deal:

Wright set the Mets' record for longest hitting streak last night, going 2-for-5 to make it 25 games. He had entered the game tied with Hubie Brooks and Mike Piazza.

"You just try to go up there and put together good at-bats. If you get a hit, great. If not, get 'em tomorrow," Wright said after the game. "It's one of those things where the company that you're in is phenomenal. But like I said from Day One, it's not something I'm concerned with. It's not something that when this thing is done that I'm going to lose any sleep over."

Wright's streak is an odd one, because it has spanned two seasons. He finished last year with a 12-game hitting streak and has started this season with a baker's dozen more.

Wright - who called the streak "not important" before last night's game - insisted there isn't a number he would get real excited about if he reached. It seemed dubious that Wright wouldn't be excited if he were to hit in 45 straight games, for example, but when asked about it, he insisted, "I mean, it's fun for me. But am I going to worry about a streak? Absolutely not."

Piazza and Brooks will remain in the Mets' record book, as the two share the single-season mark.

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