April 18, 2007

It May Be Time For Them To Eat Their Words

Lou Di Falco at Never Forget 69, writes about the critics and what they had to say about the season before it even began:

It’s still early but a lot of people predicted that the Phillies would win the east because they assembled the best starting staff. After all the Mets lost Pedro Martinez to injury for most of the season and with the Braves having had a bad year, most likely they would struggle again. That’s what a lot of critics said and you can look it up.

The Mets with their “atrocious pitching staff” as one Mad Doggie referred to it, is now 8-4 trailing the 9-4 Braves by a half game. Meanwhile the Phillies with their best division pitching staff is now in last place with a record of 3-9. Hey, a month from now it could be completely different but here’s the story. The Phillies look like a defeated team. Nothing was more telling than after the Mets made three outs in the sixth inning, half the Phillies team stayed out on the field not knowing the inning was over. That says a lot about the team’s focus and does not bode well for manager Charlie Manuel’s tenure as Phillies manager.

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