April 10, 2007

Maine Avoids The Storm

Matthew Cerrone at Mets Blog, writes about John Maine and how he did a good job at not racking up some bad stats yesterday:

During yesterday’s win over the Phillies, Mets RHP John Maine allowed two runs on five hits, and struck out four, but walked six, while stranding six runners through just 4.2 innings.

...the bad news is that he had zero command of his fastball...however, the good news is that, despite all the rockiness, he was able to avoid any major damage, whether due to luck, great defense or know-how...

...and that’s the thing i enjoy about maine, if he’s going to implode, he does it slowly...the wheels come off gradually, at a pace that the team can prepare…there are other pitchers on this team, or who have been on this team, who would cruise along, i’d blink and five runs would be on the board…maine does not do that...he commands the game very well, even without his best stuff...

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