April 20, 2007

Mets Are 2nd Most Valuable Team In Baseball

Ronald Blum at Canada.com, writes about the most valuable teams in the Majors:

The New York Yankees' value increased 17 per cent in the past year to US$1.2 billion, Forbes magazine said Thursday in its annual estimates of franchise worth. The Florida Marlins, given the lowest value at $244 million, had the highest operating income at $43.3 million, according to the magazine.

The New York Mets were given the second-highest value ($736 million), followed by the Boston Red Sox ($724 million), the Los Angeles Dodgers ($632 million), the Chicago Cubs ($592 million), World Series-champion St. Louis ($460 million), San Francisco ($459 million), Atlanta ($458 million) and Philadelphia ($457 million).

At the other end were Florida ($244 million), Tampa Bay ($267 million), Pittsburgh ($274 million), Kansas City ($282 million), Milwaukee ($287 million), Minnesota ($288 million) and Oakland ($292 million).

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