April 19, 2007

Mets Fielding

Dave Studeman at The Hard Ball Times, writes about the Mets Fielding and how good it's been so far:

The Dodgers have a better record, but the Mets are the behemoth of the NL, so far, with a run differential of 34 (67 runs scored and 33 runs allowed). Funny thing about that runs allowed figure, however, is that all those runs have been prevented on the field. Take a look at the graph: the Mets have the best Defense Efficiency Record in the league by far, and the worst Fielding Independent Pitching (the result of strikeouts, walks and home runs). That's just crazy.How have they done it? Well, here are some keys:
  • 21% of all the flyballs allowed by the Mets have been infield flies. That's a whopping total (average is 12%) and explains why the Mets' batted balls have been so "fieldable."
  • The Mets outfield has been average, but the Mets' infield has been airtight, converting 83% of all ground balls into outs. The major league average is 75%.

  • Mets pitchers have left 86% of all men to reach base against them on base; the league average is 73%. That's because opponents are batting only .120 with men in scoring position.
The Mets lead the major leagues in every category I just mentioned.

Thanks to Anthony De Rosa at Mets Blog for the link.

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