April 13, 2007

The Mets Should Crush DC

Ed Ryan over at Mets Fever (Shea Nation Network), writes about the upcoming series between the Mets and the Nationals:

This year is much different then last year; without Pedro, Sanchez, Bradford,Oliver and Mota the Mets have come back to the pack. At the same time the Braves and Phillies (maybe) have improved and will be more competitive this year. Many experts don't believe it's what they do head to head but instead against the weaker teams in the division. The club that's able to pad their record with wins over teams like the Nationals will be the team to win the east. The Mets were criticized last year for not having a killer instinct and really crushing an opponent when then had them down, getting 2-3 instead of a sweep. Tonight is a series that could put all of that to rest, somehow; last night Atlanta found a way to lose to the Nationals who barley look like a AAA team, with the exception of Zimmerman and Cordero. If the Mets can pull off a sweep they can regain some of the ground they lost in Atlanta. I've said before that the Braves for 13years lived off building earlier leads and we can't let them slip away by saying, it's early, these games don't mean anything.

The Nationals enter the series at Shea at 2-8 and it wasn’t until their 10th game that one of their pitchers worked with a lead. That is staggering. That lead came in a victory against the Braves. And we should keep a running total of all Washington wins against the Braves, Phillies and Mets. One AL GM told me the following: “Each of the strong teams in the division begins with an automatic 11 wins against Washington. It could be the team that is merciless and racks up 15 or 16 wins against Washington will win the division because of it.” So it is incumbent on the Mets to be relentless this weekend and think not about just winning a series, but sweeping. source Joel Sherman NY Post

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