April 16, 2007

Peterson On Rainouts

Anthony Rieber at Newsday, writes about Rick Peterson and his view on his Rotation and the rainout:

"I'm not a worrier by nature," he said as the Mets packed up for an afternoon bus ride to Philadelphia, where they will try to open a two-game series tonight. "Am I worried about it? No."

Yesterday's rainout also gave the Mets a chance to refine their rotation plans, but they instead chose not to skip anyone. John Maine will oppose Freddy Garcia and the Phillies tonight. It'll be Tom Glavine vs. Jamie Moyer in a rematch of 40-plus lefties tomorrow. After that, the Mets will go with Perez and Mike Pelfrey against the Marlins in Miami. Orlando Hernandez is scheduled to open a three-game series Friday against the Braves.

"The key is to keep everybody sharp right now as opposed to having somebody go for a long layoff," Peterson said. Asked if that plan could change if more rainouts are in the Mets' immediate future, he said: "We didn't build the ark yet. We're going to wait until the fifth day of rain."

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