April 25, 2007

Replacing Pelfrey?

With today’s game only in the third and Pelfrey giving up six runs, it’s ballooned his ERA to 7.90. He hasn’t performed up to his Spring Training caliber at all. It’s only his third start, but he’s the only Mets pitcher who hasn’t shown that he can get the job done yet.

So, now this starts the speculation. Is Pelfrey going down to triple A? If so, then who will replace him?

Below are some quick hits as to who might be ready to fill in the fifth starter’s role:

Jason Vargas – In four starts this year for the Zephyrs, Vargs is sporting an ERA of 3.42 and is two and one. Besides with a strike out ratio of nineteen to five, he might have a good chance of stepping up to the mound in a Mets jersey this year.

Chan Ho Park – Even though Park has a 7.29 ERA, he’s still the veteran of choices to go to in the Minors for the Mets. He didn’t perform well for the Mets during spring training, but he can be nearly dominant at times.

Jorge Sosa – Probably the leading candidate for the replacement role. Sosa’s boasting a three and zero record, with an ERA of 1.38. Besides all this, he has a strike out ratio of six to one (24-4). I’d be a fool to think that anyone else would come up in the case that Willie demotes Pelfrey soon.

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