April 06, 2007

Reyes, The Odd Man Out

David Lennon at Newsday, writes about Jose Reyes and how he's losing out in the Media to David Wright:

So why is Reyes, an All-Star and MVP candidate, still waiting to be
featured solo on the sides of buses and subway cars? Not because of his gleaming smile, infectious laugh or pure joy on a baseball field. Despite New York's love affair with the Dominican shortstop, there often can be a gap between the Latino or Asian player and the fan base, from both a marketing and media standpoint.

"I think there is," said Carlos Delgado, a 13-year veteran. "It doesn't matter how many international players we have, the main media in the United States speaks English. So you can have players from Japan like Ichiro, who gets the recognition, but he doesn't get the same exposure to the extent that he gets in Japan. Even like Chan Ho Park in Korea. There's still a gap there."

Editor's Note: For a great article on Reyes by Allen Barra from last week's Village Voice, click here.

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